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It Has Been Seven Months Since My Dog Died

When Dylan was alive, I distinctly remember telling a friend that his eventual demise will destroy me. It was a dramatic thing to say but anytime I contemplated it I would get this overwhelming, gut-wrenching, a-thousand-daggers-to-my-heart kind of feeling. Energetic puppy patting was the quickest remedy. And then, out of the blue, it happened. He… Continue reading It Has Been Seven Months Since My Dog Died

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A Sad Person Visiting the Happiest Place on Earth

It’s New Years Eve and the Disneyland bus station is not a happy place, filled with frowns and weary sighs of people who can’t afford the fancy Disney hotels and have to commute to their beds. Zoom in on two best friends. We had been abandoned by the Magic Bus, who emptied our pockets and… Continue reading A Sad Person Visiting the Happiest Place on Earth

Travel Writing

My Secret Life in the Chateau

I have lived in a lot of strange places. Some wonderfully strange, and some scary strange.. Like the time I called a shack on Koh Samui home. It had no foundations, meaning there was exactly zero protection between me and the VERY LARGE AND CREEPY reptiles and insects living under my floorboards. Occasionally they would… Continue reading My Secret Life in the Chateau


Goodbye my Sunshine.

I’m standing in a field and I’m screaming your name. It’s impossible, everything about you defies the meaning of subtlety, with your giant bear-like paws and I’m-going-to-knock-everything-flying oversized tail, and yet, like an expert ninja rabbit stalker, you have vanished into the Yorkshire Wilderness, leaving a very despondent me standing alone like an idiot with… Continue reading Goodbye my Sunshine.